What is a Farm Loop?

Your Authentic Farm Experience.

Farm fresh produce. Crush season. Orchards heavy with fruit. Specialty foods and beverages. Friendly farm animals. Finding out about the land and today’s farming. Learning to cook and savor the local bounty. Nurseries and garden centers lush with bloom.
Out here is the real Oregon. Our community of family farms and value-added operations welcome you to join us for a taste, both literal and figurative, of what the Willamette Valley has to offer. Oregon Farm Loop winds through vineyards, rural plant nurseries, and farm stands of the Willamette Valley. Oregon Farm Loop includes four intimate, local farm loops – each a complete itinerary and based around small communities: Canby Farm Loop, Farmlandia Farm Loop, Marion Farm Loop and Molalla Country Farm Loop.
Whether you seek the perfect vintage, flowers and plant starts that will add zest to your garden, the chance to be close to friendly farm animals, or find delicious local foods, Oregon Farm Loop can connect you to local family farmers and country business operators rooted in the rural community and committed to sharing their experience with you.
So how does it work? Each farm loop is a scenic driving route of farm stops intended to connect local family farms and value-added businesses with the traveling public. The “loop” can be done in whatever order tickles your fancy. You might visit only one or two farm stops in an outing, or take the day or many days to visit them all. Farm products are raised in seasons, so some farm stops may be open daily while others only open for a few weeks or just on the weekends. Before you go, check the farm stop website or Facebook for the day’s schedule.
The Oregon Farm Loop website will help you find locations, upcoming seasonal events, and suggested routes. By mid-April, printed map brochures are available at many Clackamas County and Marion County visitor centers and libraries or by request at farmloop@gmail.com.
We hope you enjoy a new adventure at every turn of the road on Oregon Farm Loop.

Farm Etiquette

  1. Check farm’s website/Facebook to confirm open days and hours
  2. Read and obey signs.
  3. Supervise children.
  4. Stay out of buildings and off equipment
  5. Be careful not to step on crops in fields
  6. Friendly dogs on leash allowed on some farms. Ask before taking pets from car
  7. Enter at your own risk.

Canby Farm Loop
Gather natural goodness from a farm, pet farm animals, taste hazelnuts and chocolates, sip fine wines produced from the region’s Jory soils, watch a rodeo or shop for western wear.

Farmlandia Farm Loop
This loop includes farm stands with fruits and vegetables, U-pick, lavender and herbs, specialty native plants, flowers, farm tours, farm-to-table dinners, amazing local wines and friendly farm animals.

Molalla Country Farm Loop
Find local foods and boutique wines to savor; beautiful plants, flowers and Christmas trees for your house and garden and friendly farm animals or majestic elk. Just 30 minutes from Portland and Salem.

Marion Farm Loop
Wines, produce, baked goods, harvest festivals, and flowers in abundance. Check out one or all of the 22 farm stops located in and around the Salem area. Come back each season for something new and different.

Contact Information

Oregon Farm Loop
P.O. Box 1153

Farm Etiquette

  1. Call farm or check farm website before visit to confirm the day’s schedule.
  2. Read and obey signs.
  3. Supervise children.
  4. Ask before taking pets out of car.
  5. Stay out of building and off equipment.
  6. Be careful not to step on crops.
  7. Enter at your own risk.