<![CDATA[Oregon Agritourism Partnership (OAP) President Evan Kruse (Kruse Farms – Roseburg) announces the availability of regulation agritourism limited liability signs. The signs were produced in compliance with Oregon’s Agritourism Limited Liability law SB 341 and Oregon Statutes. Signs may be ordered from Oregon Agritourism Partnership in person or online.
The signs make farm visitors aware they are entering an agritourism farm and activities at their own risk. By posting the signs in compliance with the state statutes, agritourism professionals are protected from most claims that involve “Inherent risks of agritourism activity,” meaning those dangers or conditions that are an integral part of an agritourism activity, including:
(a) Surface and subsurface conditions;
(b) Natural conditions of land, vegetation and waters;
(c) The behavior of wild or domestic animals;
(d) Ordinary dangers of structures or equipment ordinarily used in farming and ranching operations; and
(e) The potential of a participant to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or others, including failing to follow instructions given by the agritourism professional or failing to exercise reasonable caution while engaging in the agritourism activity.
Agritourism professionals should post a regulation limited liability sign at the entrance to the agritourism site and at any location where an agritourism activity takes place.
The 24” x 30” signs are made from durable DiBond™, which may be easily screwed to a post, fence or side of a building. The signs were tested for one year in Oregon and should last five years or more without weather damage.
Signs may be purchased in person at the Oregon State University Extension Service, Marion County office, for $50 each, by dropping off a printable form at 1320 Capitol St NE, Suite #110 during regular business hours. Make checks payable to OAP.
Signs may be purchased online and shipped for $50 each plus shipping and handling. Large bulk orders of signs may be arranged.
OAP selected Garten Mail & Packaging Services to pack and ship the agritourism limited liability signs to farms, according to Bill Cameron (Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch – Marquam) who serves as OAP sign project chair. Garten is a non-profit established in 1970 to support and employ people with disabilities. “Garten complements the values of OAP, since it increases society’s awareness of human potential,” says Cameron.
Please direct questions to Mary Stewart or Victoria Binning at agritourism@oregonstate.edu and 503-588-5301.
Oregon Agritourism Partnership is a producer-driven Oregon nonprofit created to easily connect the traveling public with Oregon farms and natural resources; give access to fresh foods, plants, fiber and farm animals; and provide outdoors experiences for families.]]>