A Farm Loop helps people find the answer to that perennial question, “where does my food and fiber come from?”

Visiting a Farm Loop is a great way to get to know your local farmer, and to get a first-hand look at country life. You can learn about the food and fiber you use every day, and about the modern farming techniques used to produce them. Or perhaps you will discover products that you may not have known existed.

There are lots of activities on a Farm Loop, making it fun for children and adults alike. Try a corn maze, or pet friendly farm animals, or try some new wines. Discover how Christmas trees are raised, sheered and cut. Or maybe pick up some flowers or fresh-produce…or even pick it yourself.

A Farm Loop can offer all this and more!

Farm Etiquette

  1. Call farm or check farm website before you visit to confirm the day’s schedule.
  2. Read and obey signs.
  3. Supervise children.
  4. Ask before taking pets out of your car.
  5. Stay out of building and off equipment.
  6. Be careful not to step on crops.

Our Farm Loops